Director: Ana M. Amortegui
Editor: Giovanni Dalmonte
Director of Photography: Ana M. Amortegui
Camera Assistant: Cesar Suarez
Gaffer: Andres Pinzon
Still Photographer: Carlos Garzon
Stylist: Juanita Londono
Isabel’s Double: Andreza Bleasby
Stunt Driver: Andres Pinzon
Stunt Coordinator: Jon Braver
Makeup: Shari Smith
Executive Producers: Carlos Garzon, Alexander Figueroa, Ana M. Amortegui, Isabel Valencia
Special Thanks to: Cain Motter, Lulu Stewart, Cesar Suarez, Andres Pinzon, Federico Verardi, Ric Halpern, Omar Gonzales and everybody who made this video possible.
Story by Federico Verardi and Ana M. Amortegui