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Isabel Valencia and Wonderfox

Written by Vincent Ronquillo, a Writer, Musician and Music Business Entrepreneur. Edited by Angel Aguilar

One of my musician friends wrote a blog entry about one of my favorite musicians in the L.A. local scene, I loved to read his perspective as a musician and would like to share his writing with the readers of ONE41.Almost two years ago I attended a series of concerts featuring ex-MANA and Jaguares guitarist Cesar Lopez “El Vampiro” at La Fonda Supper Club in Downtown Los Angeles.As a fan of El Vampiro I didn’t want to miss any of his weekly shows. In his first concert he performed with guest musicians Victor Monroy from L.A. Spanish rock pioneers, Pastilla, and Isabel Valencia.

The first show featured cover songs by Soda Estereo, La Ley and was a great performance with a lot of energy. However, the musician that caught my attention was Isabel Valencia.

Instantly, I fell in love with her voice because it possessed a lot of strength and it projected a powerful tone.

That night their cover of Juan Gabriel’s “Costumbres” was a definitive moment. Isabel Valencia sang it with so much longing that it reached the hearts of the audience, especially those suffering from recent heartbreaks. While listening I waited for the moment when Isabel would go off tune, but that moment never came; why? Because Isabel was the real deal, a truly talented woman and musician.

Isabel’s interpretation of “Costumbres” was further enhanced by the melodic guitar lines of El Vampiro. While Isabel sang in mid tonality, the guitar highlighted a higher tonality with bright high pitched sustained melodic notes. The crowd enjoyed it immensely and definitely recognized Isabel Valencia’s natural talent.

Later on, I learned that Isabel had her own band called Wonderfox. I visited her band’s websiteand began listening to some of her tracks. I heard a few songs and was really drawn in to her music. I saw Wonderfox perform Live and I was blown away. She had incredible musicians which made her music reach an even higher musical level.

Isabel was born in Medellin, Colombia, and her exposure to rock & roll was almost non-existent until her sister, who was living in the U.S., began to send her music from bands like The Cure and Nirvana and her favorite female singer, Bjork. Later on, Isabel discovered bands like Led Zeppelin, Supertramp and Spanish rock pioneers like Soda Stereo, Duncan Dhu and others and Isabel has been able to take all those influences to make up her own very distinct sound.

I believe Isabel will reach great heights as an artist in due time. Isabel Valencia, the voice of Wonderfox, the voice of a fierce Latina musician.