It could be said that Wonderfox’s introduction to the planet had its origins in Medellin, Colombia when at the age of thirteen; Isabel Valencia fell in love with rock music when she found the cassettes and CDs that her older sisters used to listen. Bands such as Nirvana, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, amongst others, caused a huge impression on her even though she couldn’t understand the lyrics. This occurred at the same time that she found a guitar abandoned underneath a bed in her house and it was then, that she decided to learn how to play.

Very soon she began to take part in several musical projects, some for her school, playing traditional Colombian music, and then with her friends playing rock inspired by the greats of rock in Spanish and English, such as Soda Stereo, Led Zeppelin, etc. Her search for improvement and growth led her to move to Los Angeles where her sound and musical knowledge was consolidated with her new found friends who joined the musical vision of Isabel through her project Wonderfox.

Some of these allies include Tiago D’errico, a renowned Brazilian producer whom Isabel met while touring for hire through Latin America, Carlos Marin (La Pestilencia) in the guitar and Freddy Aguirre on the base.

Wonderfox’s sound is characterized by catchy melodies and lyrics, the strong and confident voice of Isabel, who reminiscent of Pat Benattar and Joan Jett, and the electric guitars that are a mix of progressive rock and pop, which can be heard in their debut EP, “Juegos Mentales” which they have promoted successfully in festivals such as Women who Rock and L Creativo Fest. Wonderfox has also been the opening band for Elefante, La Santa Cecilia, Los Amigos invisibles and Julieta Venegas, and has played on their own throughout several venues in Los Angeles such as Los Globos, the House of Blues, Levitt Pavillion and The Roxy.  Each of their presentations leaves the audience hypnotized by their electrifying energy and power that makes it inevitable not to dance and groove along their music.

Wonderfox has been a guest and has been written about in several radio stations and online publications in the Los Angeles area. They also have three very well received videos on Youtube. No doubt, Wonderfox promises to leave a significant legacy in Rock music.